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I like A Brand New World The First 15 Months, The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Journey The Days and Months We Were First Born Book 3, A.
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The current ore settings haven't changed much since Indev; many more items made with iron have been added since then.

I usually find one or two hundred blocks of iron before I get a diamond vein. Either we're looking in different places or you have insanely high iron consumption. That is my long-term goal, to find a world that I feel attached to enough to keep. Until recently, I'd play for a few hours on a world before getting bored and using creative to accomplish things, then deleting it out of futility, but the most recent one I made, which I made in Beta I get wood, make tools, quit.

I just don't feel the survival vibe any more. You should try out the modding scene. Step Two: I'd better dig a hole to be a temporary home to store stuff. Step Four: I'm going to dig for coal Step Five: I've got too much junk to take with me to a new home but I'm too much of a hoarder to ditch it. I guess I won't be building a house this time either.

A Brand New World: The First 15 Months

Hole sweet home. I wonder around till I die a few times and pick a location. Once that is done I gather wood and build a house. Then I start mining!

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Get some wood, make wood pickaxe, get cobblestone, make stone pickaxe and axe. Chop a lot more wood and make enough ladders to reach y Find a good building spot, lay down crafting table, furnace, and chest. Make stone shovel, dig straight down to 11 placing ladders. Carve out mining base: Each mining level is 3 blocks high, floors between each 2 blocks thick. Mine a room in 3x3x3 units, usually 5 by 5, on the floor above y Mine down to complete y 11 floor, leaving a 1 block balcony where the floor was.

Craft iron tools and torches while this is happening. Light each floor with torches on the top wall block every 6 blocks around, starting on the right side of the ladder. Plant small tree farm for each type on the floor. Plant melon, pumpkin, carrot, potato, wheat, and sugar cane along built into the walls. Start first branch mining tunnel from y 11, usually toward closest feature I'll need to travel to frequently like a mineshaft blocks away.

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