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Each voter placed one of these into a large clay jar -- subsequently opened for the counting of the " ballots ". A form of this traditional process continues to be used in secret ballots in secret ballot. A white ball or ballot constitutes a vote in support, with a black ball signifying opposition -- termed " blackballing ". The process is now commonly applied to elections to membership of many clubs and similar institutions, such as Freemasonry and fraternities. In terms of game-playing, the constraining binary characteristic of contemporary strategic discourse is of course appropriately called into question by the rainbow coloured flag variously favoured as representing the LGBT pride movement, the peace movement , and the international cooperative movement.

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This exercise in reviewing strategic proposals through the familiar lens of medication, and its increasingly insistent promotion purportedly in the interest of the "patient". It can be further highlighted through religions and the beliefs they variously propose as esential to salvation. Given the relation explored here between drugs and pills, the association is readily reinforced through the assertion of Karl Marx that religion is the opium of the people. With opium as a drug, this is strangely echoed by the injunction to consume the "elements" in the Christian ritual of the Holy Communion : Do this in remembrance of me.

The sense of how the transformative power of the pill is associated with an elusive deity, is also noted by Frank J. At times, the mind becomes ill and strives for cures -- one of which is psychotropic medication. People seeking psychiatric medication for themselves or their children often have the underlying fantasy that "God is in the pill" Regrettable fallout is thinking that mental problems, misbehavior, and learning differences can be "cured" by psychotropic drugs.

The devil is in the side effects -- often never discussed by physicians. Psychology Today , 24 September In arguing against illicit drugs, the question has been more explicitly asked God in a Pill? Meher Baba on L. References to The God Pill , noted above in relation to psychedelic drugs, avoid the question implicit in the assertion by Marx.

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Is God a Pill -- as might effectively correspond to the behaviour and belief of some? Rather than being "in a pill", a Christian web site explores the more fundamental question What if God were a pill you take once a morning? Calvary Chapel South Bay , Aspects of the question have been taken up by "neomaculine men" with respect to the theme of this argument Donovan Sharpe, A Red Pill Perspective on the Existence of God , Return of Kings , 1 December The Matrix as a movie has itself been reframed in religious terms The Matrix as Messiah Movie: a cyberpunk parable.

Unfortunately the appreciation of Marx ignores the sense in which any political ideology may also constitute an opiate for some -- as with Communism or Capitalism. This general argument then invites recognition of the extent to which modern science itself is a form of mega-pill, whether to be appreciated as such at the present time or in the distant future. The possibility can be explored in relation to the quest for the collective consensus implied by discovery of any Theory of Everything The Consensus Delusion: mysterious attractor undermining global civilization as currently imagined , In the political sphere ironically, the promotion of a mega-pill can currently be recognized in the discourse of candidates for high office -- as in the French presidential campaign at the time of writing.

Its global pill-like form is implied by the quest for solidarity -- and the expectation that the electorate is prepared or can be "persuaded" to "sing from the same hymn sheet", through the "management of consent" Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky , Manufacturing Consent: the political economy of the mass media , Is "globalization" to be fruitfully explored as the effort of civilization to transform itself into a mega-pill -- as an inadvertent appropach to self-healing? It is curious that whilst politicians appeal for the solidarity on which their electoral mandate depends, those in the financial community appeal for the liquidity on which their profitability depends.

In this implied evocation of the conventionally deprecated classical elements earth, water, air, and fire , any corresponding need for "air" is loosely articulated in terms of the needs of the population for liberty and freedom -- whether freedom of movement or liberty of opinion -- namely a degree of freshness associated with the " winds of change " and a need to "breathe". The need for "fire" is again only loosely articulated -- perhaps best recognized in the value of excitement, innovation and creativity. The role of placebos in assessing the effectiveness of remedies is well recognized and extensively studied Fabrizio Benedetti, Placebo Effects: understanding the mechanisms in health and disease , ; Faith Brynie The Placebo Effect: How It Works , Psychology Today , 10 January Most obvious is the manner in which "pill pushers" -- whether political, academic or religious -- articulate remedial "pills" deliberately or inadvertently lacking in any "active" ingredient.


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The art, so admirably exemplified by political manifestos, is to focus on the promises or claimed effects of the strategic pill by which hopes are evoked. These may well have adequate effect in their own right -- irrespective of the extent to which they are implemented. This is a concern with respect to fake news and propaganda.

In marketing terms this is conventionally understood as "selling the sizzle rather than the steak". Any broken promises can be subsequently, set aside or blamed on the resistance of others -- those having opted for the "blue pill". A related phenomenon in the case of drugs is that of drug resistance -- whether or not there is an active ingredient. In terms of the metaphorical argument here, people may become resistant to the promotional campaign supposedly designed to ensure their "buy-in".

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This is especially problematic in the case of psychic numbing in the face of human tragedy Starvation Imagery as Humanitarian Trump Card? Counterproductive emotional blackmail engendering worldwide indifference , Arguably the currently complete loss of credibility of conventional authorities -- as duly accredited "pill pushers" -- can be explored in terms of drug resistance. Their arguments no longer carry conviction -- especially in a period when such authorities are vigorous in their request for "concrete proof" on matters of concern to them 10 Demands for Concrete Proof by We the Peoples of the World , Curiously mathcing "pill resistance" is an increasing degree of cognitive "pill addiction" -- presumablt corresponding to that for the variety of drugs as noted above.

This could be explored in terms of the addiction to particular cultural memes as variously purveyed by "pill pushers" in their cultivation of religious, ideological and strategic agendas. Reference to addiction in contrast to "pill pushing" usefully highlights in relation to "pills" of the otherwise well-defined contrast between push-marketing and pull-marketing of any product. To what extent is the consumption of psychosocial pills extensively determined by "pull" rather than "push"?

The dynamic is evident in the case of religious hierarchies and believers. Electoral drama : This argument has been elaborated in response to the widely reported drama of recent elections reframed by popular dismay at traditional political processes -- as in the the USA, the UK and France. As usual, the electorate is required to make strategic choices, typically between options experienced as inadequate reflections of individual preferences.

As strategic remedies to problematic social conditions. It is suggested here that the choices can be usefully explored as "pills". Candidates, and their supporting parties, frame their preferred strategies "My Pill"? Those of their opponents are framed as fundamentally dangerous to the health of the society and the well-being of its citizens.

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  • It is in this sense that the metaphors offered by the red and blue pill offer a useful way of framing the existential drama -- especially when the democratic process is biased in favour of binary decision-making so as to exclude any reflection of a wider variety of perspectives. Bitter pill? Any conventional electoral choice is increasingly a "bitter pill" to swallow.

    Arguably the implications of one or other strategy are usefully to be compared with the choice articulated by Shakespeare's Hamlet : To be or not to be, that is the question Act III, Scene I. The choice in The Matrix , and as subsequently interpreted, is between:. There are no other options on offer.

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    Alternatives to that pattern of choice are systematically deprecated, echoing that process of choice whilst claiming to have considered all viable options Considering All the Strategic Options -- whilst ignoring alternatives and disclaiming cognitive protectionism , As noted, some commentators have argued for an extra "pill", better to frame the existential choice.

    However these do not reflect the richer insights variously associated with cybernetics and ecosystemic viability or the 6-pill framework of Edward de Bono as mentioned above. Unfortunately, these also fail to engage with the logical challenges of a post-truth era as separately discussed Towards articulation of a "post-truth table"? Confidence : Also missing from current consideration is how better to evoke collective confidence and trust, now that processes of the recent past have demonstrated how unworthy of trust are those who claimed to be the epitome of trustworthiness.

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    As it relates to the degree of confidence in any choice on offer, new approaches merit consideration Primary Global Reserve Currency: the Con? Cognitive implications of a prefix for sustainable confidelity , ; Varieties of Confidence Essential to Sustainability: surrogates and tokens obscuring the existential "gold standard" , There is a sense in which "monkeying" with confidence has itself become an art, as separately argued Monkeying with Global Governance: confidence artistry as "monkeying" , Curiously, but perhaps appropriately, the quest for confidence may be intimately related to conquest Con-quest Aesthetically Reframed via the Concordian Mandala , There is also a sense in which civilization is locked into strategic dilemmas , whilst ignoring the possibility of quadrilemmas and other patterns of choice, as discussed separately Configuring Strategic Dilemmas in Intersectoral Dialogue , ; Sustainability through the Dynamics of Strategic Dilemmas , ; Reframing the Game of Strategic Dilemmas: a fold interplay of possibilities of otherwise , Medication : Physicians have been slow to recognize the intangible implications of the dispensation of pills.

    Clarification of these implications from multiple perspectives is offered by Jonathan M. Primary Psychiatry , July :. However, physicians are perhaps less attuned to the functions these medications perform as symbols -- metaphors, similes, icons, and other abstract properties that complicate thinking of pharmaceuticals simply in terms of hard-andfast facts. Symbolically speaking, medications convey a host of connotative implications that are difficult to recognize, let alone to quantify Scholars from disciplines as far reaching as psychoanalysis, business and marketing, and cultural and media studies have begun to explore the complex connotations accrued by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs , mood stabilizers, and other drugs commonly prescribed by psychiatrists.

    These studies provide evidence that psychotropic medications have symbolic valence at the contextual, economic, and cultural levels.

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    The authors stress that psychotropic medications have been shown to demonstrate symbolic properties at the contextual, economic, and cultural levels. This is leading to understanding of these medications as transitional objects, commodities, metaphors, and icons. Transitional objects or comfort objects are defined as "not me" possessions, imbued with meaning because they symbolize a transition from dependency to autonomy.

    Symbolic significance has been most clearly evident in that attributed to " the pill " with respect to birth control and family planning -- and empowering women with respect to control of their bodies. Corresponding to the contraceptive for women has been the use of pills to remedy erectile dysfunction in men. Contraception and aphrodisiac : The fundamental importance of such remedies is increasingly obvious through the manner in which wildlife is endangered disastrously in the quest for aphrodisiacs -- and the significance implicitly attached to that need.

    Curiously it could be argued that issues of sexual intercourse centre on dissemination by the male of the sperm and its fruitful reception by the woman.