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Jedburgh Team Operations in Support of the. 12th Army Group,. August by. S. J. Lewis. U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Fort Leavenworth.
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Jedburgh team operations in support of the 12th Army Group, August 1944

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Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. That required Cossac to change its perception of the Resistance from an information-gathering organization to a militarily combative one integrated with the Overlord and Anvil operations Funk , Future Cossac Planning would require more French participation and the disclosure of the Overlord plan.

Once air supremacy over Western Europe was achieved in the spring of , daylight deliveries on a massive scale became possible. The Special Air Squadron SAS airborne commando units of the Army commanded by 21st Army Group had two thousand men operating behind the main combat areas, which included French parachute units. Although the change-over occurred on D- Day, 6 June, the first fully integrated section was not in operation until 2 August, much too late to have assisted the Normandy landings OSS , SFHQ was not about to relinquish power and control of financial, communications and distribution resources that it held in practical fact.

The successful conclusion of the first phase of the Normandy landings increased French involvement at the planning level. Koenig suggested that a ground force resistance commander be nominated to serve under him, who would co-ordinate his groups' activities with the FFI and the Allied armies. Thus, the field commander would be well-positioned to negotiate directly with Army ground force commanders, while maintaining operational control of the SAS, OG's and Jedburgs. The first Jedburg team, called Hugh, dropped blind without a reception committee near Chateauroux, a town one hundred kilometres Southeast of Tours, during the early hours of 6 June OSS , Potentialities if arms supplied more fully, would be immense.

Brittany resistance aided advancing Allies by attacking moving columns, attacking isolated groups, protecting bridges from destruction, etc. The difference between the officiai and black market's rates of exchange saved the British government about one million pounds sterling per month.

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Weapons were not the only supplies that were air-dropped, but currency too. Anglo-American antipathy towards de Gaulle and French security measures hampered and delayed tying the Resistance to Overlord planning. Although experienced and talented high ranking. As early as , Roosevelt's visceral dislike of de Gaulle, the President's pursuance of Vichy policy and his choice of Giraud, excluded the Free French leader and his chosen generals from the center of policy and planning.

De Gaulle, bitterly anti-American over Roosevelt's lack of support in , responded in kind. In spite of Churchill's ambivalence towards de Gaulle, he remained steadfast to him, as illustrated by a willingness to share the date of the Torch landings, a decision vetoed immediately by Roosevelt. With Eisenhower's concurrence, Churchill briefed de Gaulle, who was sworn to secrecy, on 4 June concerning the invasion plans, believing that security was safe at this late date PRO The Prime Minister was informed on 5 June that de Gaulle not only refused to broadcast an appeal to the Resistance, but he refused to send French liaison ofFicers with the invasion force.

On this subject, we get away from politics and diplomacy and even common sense. It's a girls' school.

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Roosevelt, PM, and, it must be admitted de Gaulle, ail behave like girls approaching the age of puberty. They were liable to suffer from an inferiority complex after events of French breaches of security and the possibility of French political factions fighting each other rather than the Germans, increased British objections. For this reason, they were strongly opposed to organizing the Resistance on a national basis and wanted it decentralized OSS , A number of leading FCNL representatives, their attitudes and purposes complex and unpredictable, had lived in the Unoccupied Zone before Torch and several had been recruited from various colonial administrations.

German intelligence had easily penetrated the group, and since it was impossible to know who among the French could be trusted, no one would be trusted including de Gaulle Eisenhower , Increased Resistance casualties, a resuit of unrestrained temptation to over-centralize and increased Gestapo activity, had occurred Selborne Before these security measures were applied, Moulin was captured by the Germans in June, , and tortured to death. A Maquis Plan was proposed to alleviate the overcentralized Resistance command and its consequent top heavy communication systems by establishing self contained elite forces dropped by parachute into appropriate sub-regions of France.

These elite groups, at the disposai of and under the control of the Allied High Command in London, would hide out and be placed in readiness for D-day.

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In addition, small groups of Allied officers would be attached to the various district Maquis chiefs, thereby eliminating the need for an overall central Resistance headquarters. The coded BBC action messages transmitted on 5 June to the various indigenous Resistance networks set all of the 8 color coded rail, transport, power, telecommunication, fuel and ammunition storage sabotage plans throughout France in motion at once. Interference on roads, misdirection of traffic, the prevention of reinforcements, particularly armored formations, from reaching the coast, guerilla actions taken against German army formations and headquarters and defense against German acts of destruction and demolitions were also included as Resistance objectives OSS , XIII.

With much of the telecommunication network sabotaged, the Germans were forced to use wireless communications, allowing for easy intercepts by Allied tactical intelligence. Armed with whatever weapons they could assemble, they fought through the streets against the Germans, seeking to destroy them on whatever terms OSS , 68, Since the Resistance kept few operational records, its exact contribution and effectiveness was difficult to assess.

In March , the Germans increased their garrison of first-class troops in Denmark from four to eight divisions, and Hitler defended Norway with more divisions than necessary, because of Allied misinformation. Fearing an invasion of Norway, Hitler insisted that about fifty U-boats be stationed along the Norwegian coast to serve as a deterrent, a decision that deflected their use from the Atlantic convoy routes. As a consequence, the British released a large number of escort vessels from convoy and support duties to protect the Normandy landings from submarine attack Burn ,, Moreover, poor security within the French political-military system and German infdtration and destruction of many Resistance networks hampered SFHQ and Resistance efforts.

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At best, any success the Resistance accomplished was perceived as an adjunct to the great land battles in Northwest France. The Resistance could have achieved much more, if the major participants had exhibited a reasonable level of trust, commensurate with creative thinking and mutual assistance in the common cause. Mais, en dehors des principes, il y a les faits.