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Une nouvelle initiatique, où l'héroïne part à la quête du bonheur et se bat pour réaliser ses rêves les plus fous. Il s'agit en effet d'un conte de fées traditionnel.
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Some people are planners. Some are not. Almost every one leans one way or the other in every thing they do. In writing, as with most things, we have to step outside our comfort zone to create something beautiful. That was me. I finally had to cut it in half and do make some serious story decisions and planning.

I know that sounds grueling and painful. Some of it was. But I was happy and astonished by what I created by asking my characters and following their journey. I had tried to over outline prior to that and killed the story for almost 3 years. I think the key is finding the balance that works for you. Best post. Completely agree. Ignore it and outline if you wish you make progress toward finishing your current novel and getting published.

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George R R Martin writes a book in 10 years. You know why? If this happens times during a long book like the ones in A Song of Ice and Fire series, this can delay you by years or writing. What could have avoided this? Oh, yes… outlining and solving all this plot holes during the outlining phase, back when you were just writing sentences and not actual pages of manuscript. Yes, yes… I know outlining turns writing into work.

But guess what, if you want to be professional in any field… you have to work and you have to go about doing your craft in a smart way. Yeah, George R. Martin is such a wonderful example of a writer gone wrong. Who would ever want to follow a path like his and create such an unsuccessful story….

Oh dear, oh dear. Such passion. Why not redirect some of that towards completing something good of your own.

Get real buddy. I think a better response to let writers find their own process of creating a book. An outline will kill my story. The numbers of novels I have outlined and published is zero. The bottom line is for writers to take the time to learn how their creative process works the best for them. Absolutely correct! The approach described in the article is obviously written by someone without many years in the business. In fact, the longer term the professional the LESS likely they are to be using outlines even if they started out writing that way.

IMO, if you write to get published then you are not a writer.


If you write for money and fame, you are not a writer. Writing comes from the heart. Such a negative view Chuck… Some things work for others that may not work for you. You come across as a self absorbed know-it-all with poor sentence structuring and writing skills, if your published work is anything like your comments then I dread to think of its content and how it reads. Is it all in CAPS and quotation marks?

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Are you struggling to focus on your latest work? A little of each seems to work for me. I make my living publishing fiction as well. Outlines are stupid. Chuck, with all due respect, I sincerely doubt you are the next Tolstoy or Hemingway. Anyone can churn out formulaic pulp fiction and get published. Why do you feel the need to attack others that like you would like to make a living with the written word? Remember in the 19th century in France poets and true writers like Baudelaire or Alfred de Musset relied on their Muses to deliver their magnificent works of art, what about the phenomenon of the ecriture automatique?

I think there are two different schools of thought and what works for you might not work for another person. But please. Alexander Payne a brilliant filmmaker who gave us Sideways and Nebraska never writes treatments for his projects, it is simply nit the right formula for him. Lastly, writing a first draft intuitively is a just different method.

This is how Francis Ford Coppola delivers his materials , the first draft allows him to have an outline first draft not pages! Outlines should not make a book less creative because guess what, outlining needs creativity. I crashed so many times into dead ends that made no sense and I had to restructure it. So just do whatever works best for you. That makes the arsehole who wrote this post a dick. There is more than one way to skin a cat, honey.

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One last thing, George RR Martin books were a complete failure when they came out almost twenty years ago. The series made them popular. I am gonna be honest. I am for the idea that work should be planned but then the existence of the plan should not limit creativity, you could change the direction of the story whenever you feel like.

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I could be wrong; I have been rejected a number of times. Sorry Chuck, I am just not buying that you are a published writer.

Just sit down and let your imaginative and creative process flow onto the page. Do not lament if you end up with thousands of pages of brilliantly unpublished manuscript floating around your desk and inhabiting all its drawers, for you have made it as a writer. Im an outliner, but I make my outlines purposefully vague so that Im forced to create and put effort in the details of my stories. When I outline my story, I get excited about writing it, and if theres something not working in the story halfway through, then I change the story AND the outline.

An author can be just as fluid with an outline than a pantser can with nothing. I tried writing a novel without putting thought into my characters and storyline, and what was the result? Me sitting on the couch daydreaming and awaiting my muse. Sure, I could have forced myself to sit in front of the computer and write whatever came to my mind right then and there, and Ive done that many times actually, and what happens is that I fizzle out by the first few chapters because I have no idea whats supposed to happen next! Im more productive with an outline, more in-tune with my characters when I jot notes about the kind of people they are, and more inspired when Im constantly thinking and writing about my stories.

To do something successfully, you have to be prepared for success as well as for failure.


Without an outline you will be writing forever and without a focus. When the outline is not coming is either because you have too many goals in your novel which makes a difficult complex novel to deal with and in such a case you may have an arc for each different story that parallels the principal story or you may not be clear about the purpose of the story and the moral compass of the story. Hope this help someone. Without an outline, I end up writing sprawling stories that seem to go somewhere inspired for a while, but end up going nowhere.

I happen to need an outline, a plan, even if it makes the story seem … smaller, somehow. The messy, untethered idea of a novel feels like a larger story than the planned one. In reality, the messy one is just a vague dream, while the planned one has a chance of becoming a real novel.

Elizabeth…Hi, I never write outlines because it kills my story. I have six novels published and one due out August It really is that simple, and I do think writers should try both methods to find which method works best them. If it works for you, let it fly. If not, you can always go back to outlining, whether superficially or hyper-detailed or anything in between. My work became fun again, and I was totally re-invigorated with the joy of creativity. Does pantsing work for everyone? Does outlining work for everyone? Not on your life. Shoot, I know some folks who do a combination of the two and it works fabulously for me.

There is no ONE way.