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This book is God's words about Literality and talks about the following: The Divine Commandment - Types and models - The letter kills, but the spirit quickens.
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The wrath of God is an all consuming fire! Nevertheless, it need not touch those who are covered by the Lord Jesus Christ. So Jerusalem will be holy, And strangers will pass through it no more. Then - When? He is a refuge and strong tower. From the fact that He only destroys His enemies, and protects His own people, the latter will learn that He is their God, and dwells upon Zion in His sanctuary, i. The unclean will not travel on it, But it will be for him who walks that way, And fools will not wander on it.

The far off God will be near and dear! In that day when Jehovah restores Judah and Jerusalem, those Jews who have been delivered Ro will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they belong to Jehovah and He belongs to them. This passage speaks of the oneness and communion of this covenant relationship. Jamieson adds that you will know "experimentally by the proofs of favors which I shall vouchsafe to you.

And I will abolish the bow, the sword and war from the land, And will make them lie down in safety. Then WHEN?

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This covenant in Hos depicts a millennial scene cf. Isa ; ; Mic when God's people become subject to God and creation becomes subject to them. The MacArthur Study Bible. Notice the possessive pronoun My.

Biblical literalism

This is God's mountain. This mountain is in Jerusalem and is probably the area we today call Temple Mount pix , where Solomon's and Herod's temples once stood. It is sad to see such esteemed men of old like Augustine interpret this phrase as "the church is the mountain.

God says it is a mountain and that is exactly what it is! This same time period is described in some detail in Zechariah note. Zechariah note. Isaiah A highway will be there, a roadway, And it will be called the Highway of Holiness. While strangers will not pass through Jerusalem, in the Millennial age, Gentiles will be welcomed to come and celebrate, Zechariah recording Zec note. While you may not agree with all of these passages but be sure to check the context before you disagree , all have some elements that are difficult to explain other than ascribing them to a future time when Messiah returns to save Israel Ro and establish His Kingdom on earth where He will reign as King of kings for years -.

This will be the lot of the chosen people in the millennial age.

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The Holy God will make the city in which He resides a Holy place. But it is true universally. Wherever the Holy God dwells, there you have holiness—for it is the attribute of his nature, as heat is of fire. Holiness is not It, but He. Do you want it?

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Then you must invite Him to come. When God comes into a day, it becomes holy unto Him.

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When his presence is revealed in a bush, it is holy ground. When He descends on a mountain, the fences are erected, that unhallowed feet may not draw nigh. Best of all, if He dwell in our hearts, they too are rendered holy to Himself. When the apostle prays that the God of Peace should sanctify us wholly, he goes on to ask that spirit, soul, and body, should be as a temple filled with God.

The holy man is he who is God-filled and God-possessed. It is not enough to possess God; we must be possessed by Him. He who has more of God is surely holier than other men; and he is the holiest who has most. Behold, Christ stands at the door and knocks: He longs to come in and abide, never again to depart; He brings with Him the holiness for which He has taught us to yearn. But what they deemed blasphemy is literally true of the Holy Spirit.

At the termination of the Great Tribulation the city of Jerusalem will be redeemed from Gentile dominion. In the introductory comments on this note, I have alluded to why Zion is in need of redemption even in our time, and Jesus helps us clarify this need in His prophecy that…. Lk b- note. The times of the Gentiles will come to an end "be fulfilled" when the King of kings returns to redeem Zion! What are the times of the Gentiles? Since that time, Jerusalem Zion has continually been under Gentile dominion to one degree or another. In the book of the Revelation we learn some additional facts about the times of the Gentiles in the time immediately preceding the return of the Messiah to redeem Zion.

In Revelation the apostle John is instructed to…. For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery musterion , lest you be wise in your own estimation, that a partial hardening porosis has happened to Israel until see expressions of time in inductive Bible study the fulness of the Gentiles this is not identical to the times of the Gentiles for it refers primarily to Gentile salvation, whereas "times of the Gentiles" refers to Gentile dominion over Jerusalem has come in; and thus all Israel "all" that believe in the Redeemer.

This Present Evil Age Galatians note.

Last 3. Zion was originally associated with the hill Ophel , the fortified area just to the south of the field King David purchased from Ornan eventual site of the Temple Mount , lying between the Kidron Valley on the East and the Tyropoeon Valley to the West.

This will be the lot of the chosen people in the millennial age Notice this older writer believed in the Millennium! See summary of blessings in the Millennium. Now Joel presents a picture of the glorious time that follows the Lord's return and His establishment of the Millennial Kingdom Don't be confused here because the Day of the LORD will extend to the end of the Millennium - cf 2 Peter note - see schematic representation.

Commenting on Joel's description on Joel he writes. Amen and Amen! As for their Israel's future conversion to the faith of Christ, that is absolutely certain. In addition to being hyperbolic, the language is also metonymical effect for cause. Contrast this with Joel's prophecy opening with devastation of the lands by locusts Joel 1! In the coming golden age when the King of kings reigns on earth. There will be so many milk-yielding animals feeding on the luxuriant hills that the hills could be said to flow with milk.

Instead of the wadis that have water in them only a few days each year, the steams of Judah would flow with abundant, life-giving water. All these descriptions recall conditions in paradise cf.

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Joel , 18, Thus will the fruitfulness of Canaan, the land of the Lord, flowing with milk and honey, come forth in all its potency. Even the unfruitful acacia valley will be watered by a spring issuing from the house of Jehovah, and turned into a fruitful land. The valley of Shittim is the barren valley of the Jordan, above the Dead Sea. The name Shittim, acacia, is taken from the last encampment of the Israelites in the steppes of Moab, before their entrance into Canaan Num.