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Opening this week, Siri Kaur's exhibition SHE TELLS ALL dives deeper into her exploration of identity and representation through a spiritual.
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She was very interested in this method of evangelization but was unable to attend the workshop because of work. So every evening, after having taught all day, one of the missionaries came back to the guest house and taught Maman Charite one on one. Once she understood how to share Christ through stories, she started sharing stories at the hospital where she works as a nurse. The patients clamored after her to hear more stories.

Within a short period of time, she had led forty patients to Christ. Since then, Maman Charite has also taught a group of ladies from her church to use stories. Praise God for the power of His Word and for people who are ready at all times to tell His stories. It's well written, easy to read, and engaging. I haven't read anything else from L. I also look forward to whatever she does in the future I received this book in a goodreads giveaway.

I also look forward to whatever she does in the future as she obviously has a good grasp on this genre. Michael is going out with Rae when he sleeps with Sadie. Fast forward 10 years and Michael is now married to Sadie when he learns that Rae had become pregnant with his baby just before she disappeared all those years before. Michael tracks her down and finds she is happily married with a new baby but Rae is now called Tamsin and draws Michael in by telling him what may or may not be lies.

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Her new husband wants her to give her baby up for adoption like she did with Michaels baby 10 years before. The problem is that Tamsin lies - or does she?

  • The Stories She Tells by L.K. Chapman.
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  • This is a thoughtfully written book that raises lots of questions about family, marriage, loyalty, upbringing and childhood. I gave it 4 stars because in some way I found the ending a little disappointing. Overall a good book that tackles some uncomfortable topics. Michael is happily married to Sadie and they're trying to have a family when one of their friends lets slip that a girlfriend he had 10 years previously had been pregnant when they broke up.

    This sets Michael on a course that will change his life. I really enjoyed this book. It was fast paced, finished in hours as didn't want to put it down. Look forward to reading more from this author Would recommend. The twist at the end is something I didn't see coming at all. This book kept me gripped right to the very end and was a real pager turner.

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    What a brilliant psychological read. Throughout this amazing book, I didn't know who or what to believe and right up until the end it had me thinking what is the truth. I won't reveal any spoilers; but at times I felt sorry for the main character Tamsin,.

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    The author LK Chapman has a great ability at engaging this What a brilliant psychological read. Thank you TBC reviewers group and the author for allowing me this opportunity to read such a brilliant book. I'll look for future books by this author. Gosh what a rollercoaster ride of a book!

    This tale of family, betrayal and complex relationships left me stunned. The characters feel real and that left me emotional at times. It was similar to having a very deep and realistic dream that stays with you for a few days. It takes an excellent writer to make me feel like this. Life is not all kittens and roses, and this book certainly leaves the reader with no illusions on this.

    If you love a story that pulls no punches, prepare to devour this Gosh what a rollercoaster ride of a book! If you love a story that pulls no punches, prepare to devour this wonderful tale. Highly recommended! Another excellent story from LK Chapman. It kept me guessing and even though I had worked out part of the mystery, there was still a surprise at the end.

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    Although The Stories She Tells is in the psychological genre it reminded me of Networked which is a sci-fi novel. The way the two books keep you guessing is similar and keeps you turning the pages.

    I really recommend The Stories She Tells. Oct 13, Laura Pontin rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this twisty turny tale of someone trying to right a wrong and getting caught up in a nightmare. A great story with interesting characters, but a little bit of an abrupt ending.

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    I would have liked to have found out more. This is the first book I have read by LK Chapman and will definitely be reading more. The book was so riveting; I devoured it, desperate to know what had happened and what was to happen to Rae. Will have to re-read and enjoy it again! Michael and Sadie, are struggling to conceive and discover that Michael may have fathered a child in his student days with his former lover,Rae.

    Michael, reconnects with Rae and slowly discovers the facts of lives based on secrets and lies.

    As the truth unravels This is the first book I have read by LK Chapman and will definitely be reading more. As the truth unravels lives are destroyed, and eventually re-built. This book was very well written.

    "he/she tells all" in German

    I was hooked right until the very end. I would have given this book five stars but for the ending.

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    • I was so worried about how Michael fared, and as there is no sequel, I felt like something was missing and that the ending wasn't complete. I think a few words would have helped readers to come to the conclusion that the murder charge is slightly alleviated since Paul deserved what came to him. But, I was glad to find Celeste doing better and happier with her little This book was very well written. But, I was glad to find Celeste doing better and happier with her little girl. I don't think that there was any other way for Michael to handle this situation; he did his best.

      And I wonder, if something like this did happen to any of us, how would we react? Would we be able to do what Michael did for Rae? Would we be able to deal with it? For me, just reading about the perverts that exist in this world made me sick. My stomach churned, my head ached, and I felt so depressed.

      I just don't get it, how some people can be so depraved. I had a hard time with Rae; sometimes I believed her, and sometimes I didn't know what to make of her unusual stories. Sometimes I was so annoyed with her; but whatever she said about her baby, I felt that there was some truth in it. And when I read: "Her hands were shaking, and her skin felt ice cold.

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      She looked down at her trembling hands. It was all about blood, she realised. Everything was about blood," I knew exactly what Paul's actual relationship to Tamsin was, and I was so extremely disgusted I could have thrown up. This is a very good book with deep, complex issues, and the psychological aspects of the story convinced me that the author had to have studied about it. I would like to say that I look forward to reading more of her work, but I can't honestly say that. I finished reading this book yesterday, but I needed time to process it all before I could rate and review it.