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Below are ten tips to keep you ticking when things get tough. 1. Confucius say, Be like tree. Trees are survivors. For you to do the same, you'll.
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If the student does not master a criterion, give the student remediation and corrective help. Intersperse questions throughout a lesson. Ask a question after 10 sentences rather than after 50 sentences and you increase the retention rate by 40 percent. Determine the learning style of your students. Student achievement is greater when the teaching style matches the learning style.

Students score higher on a test measuring attitude towards school and attitude towards a subject when they learn from an activity-question approach than from a textbook-lecture approach. Most teachers teach as they were taught in college, a non-validated model of teaching book, lecture, activity, test. When you see in a given situation what everyone else sees, you become so much a part of that situation that you may become a victim of that situation.

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Workers are concerned with time and money. They sit at the back of meetings and put in time. Leaders are concerned with enhancement and cooperation. They have a career, are talented and are professionals. Some teachers are workers, others are leaders. There is no nobility in being better than someone else. The only nobility is being better than who you were the day before. Self-esteem results from school achievement. You cannot give someone a better self-esteem. The role of a teacher is to engineer student success. You may be the only stable adult your students will ever see in their lifetime.

You may be their only hope and dream for a brighter tomorrow. Each person has unlimited potential. Humans are the only species able to improve the quality of their lives. You are the only person on the face of the earth who can use your ability.

Ten Real Survivor Tips for Teachers.

It is an awesome responsibility. The most important factor to a professional is the quality of the work and the commitment to the craft. A professional is someone who does not need supervision and regulation to: have a continuing growth plan to achieve competence and continually strive to raise the level of each new group of students.

By far the most important factor to school learning is the ability of the teacher. Before you begin, consider the following tips for smooth sailing:. New teachers can sometimes be discouraged by bad days in the classroom, especially when they are student teaching. If a misbehaving student or misstep in communication threatens to damage your confidence in your teaching abilities, remember to keep your perspective.

Even grown-ups make mistakes—and children need to learn this too. By embracing your mistakes, learning from them and moving on quickly, you will diffuse the situation and rekindle trust in the classroom. For instance, if you blame a child inappropriately, calmly address the class and acknowledge your mistake.

Most likely, your behavior will be forgotten by the students, and you will remember it enough to be sure to never repeat the offense. Search for a teaching program that fits you. Ask them lots of questions. If you are at an intermediate, be sure to spend some time in the specialist classes. Ask lots of questions.

Teachers by their very nature are usually keen to share their knowledge with others. Keep up with your paperwork Universities love paper. Yes things might go horribly and you will have your share of bad days. Even taking the roll will help you learn and grown into a better teacher.

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Planning A source of grizzling about student teachers from associates often comes from planning. No teacher will let you in charge of your class without lesson plans. I think some teacher education providers could do a better job of teaching student teachers how to plan a lesson effectively. Be Professional In essence your placement is an extended job interview.

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Dress professionally, be on time, attend all staff meetings. Try and schedule a meeting with the principal of your school during placement. Make sure you have questions prepared in advance to make the most of the meeting. At some point you will get heinously ill and most likely at the most inopportune time.

Thank you It goes without saying that you need to thank your school and associate teacher for the placement. A small gift and a heart-felt card for your associate is probably a good idea. You are a real gem Stephanie. Love your blog, love your posts. Today was my first day and this is a very helpful blog. Like Like.

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This might be anything from helping children who need assistance, handing out work, helping with correction, organising resources and so on. I would only add — remain positive! Your associate might not remember every single thing you did during placement, when a prospective employer calls for a reference, but they will remember if you were organised, motivated and easy to get along with, or whether you were an awkward fun-sponge who made no effort to develop working relationships with school staff.

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Of course, even if you do all of these things you may be unlucky enough to have a teacher totally uninterested in you or your professional development. My associate on my final practicum was never available for pre-arranged feedback meetings — her Avon orders took priority. She was a good teacher as far as I could tell but a terrible associate.

The requirements this year are pretty overwhelming..