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The Blacklin County Files book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sheriff Dan Rhodes tackles five tough cases with compassio.
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Folks in small towns can be small-minded, yet still hooked into the technological marvels we have today, but they still worry about feral hogs and haunted houses. This year, Rhodes had another murder.

A dead outlaw turned up in what is believed to be a haunted house, and Rhodes had to figure out who done for the man and what was going on. As usual, a simple murder in Blacklin County gets complicated because lots of other folks are protecting themselves, others, and their secrets. In the middle of that investigation, there was a bull riding event, a brand spanking new paranormal investigation team that I hope to hear more about , and a feral hog stampede that puts one man in the hospital and has the sheriff up a tree.

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In my opinion, Blacklin County has got to be one of the most interesting places in Texas. Or anywhere, for that matter. And if you have, welcome back.

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And so is born another headache for county sheriff Dan Rhodes. As is his fashion, award-winning author Bill Crider, weaves a story filled with ghosts, guns, and intrigue. Again filled with our favorite characters, Sheriff Dan Rhodes fans will not want to miss this edition of crime and punishment in Blacklin County Texas. This one will be fun at Halloween time with its haunted house, reference to ghosts and hat tips to the Ghostbuster movie franchise.

The house is reputedly haunted, but Rhodes has his doubts. The first obvious step is to find Neil's cousins, Louie and Earl Foshee, Neil's meth cookers whom we have encountered before.

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Before we are through, Rhodes with the assistance of Seepy Barton, college professor and lately branching out into paranormal investigations as Clearview Paranormal Investigation, and his partner Harry Harris, an academic colleague finds a skeleton. He also has to deal with a runaway bull, feral hogs again , county commissioner Mikey Burns who wants to acquire an assortment of military equipment, including drones , a turtle,, a college student allegedly researching a paper on small-town drug dealers, his uncle the mayor, and more.

If this sounds fairly complicated, it is. But we as readers, and Rhodes, as our guide, never lose sight of the central mystery--who killed Neil Foshee, and why. Rhodes' path to the answer is hardly direct, but he does as he always does get there.

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