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For some, this process is so difficult that you may have to ignite the thinking part with a provocative question or two.

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This may sound simple, but what is most important on the qualitative side is to help a client discover the most rewarding way to utilize their hours per week. If you feel this is too far out of your wheelhouse, consider establishing a relationship with a life coach to work with your clients. As the issue becomes clearer, you the planner can use your technical knowledge to assess the feasibility of such and have recommendations in all areas of their financial life to guide those visions toward reality.

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While some clients struggle to figure this out, others will have their time mapped out. These clients may also need more financial guidance. Perhaps the first part is whether they can afford the desired lifestyle. For clients with substantial means, the conversation may not be about affording the bucket list, but about how to wisely spend and gift assets in the most efficient way.

The Golden Years - Episode 07 - Year 1956 - A Musical Journey with Javed Akhtar

Once the vision is established and can be quantified, the advisor can begin to work on the analytical side. For clients, or advisors for that matter, who are not comfortable talking about the softer and deeper side of life planning, you are missing an opportunity to strengthen a relationship and offer help beyond the numbers. Of course, a plan can still be done that includes forecasts and future additional spending if needed. All retirement guidance must begin with a forecast of cash flow.

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Your clients should understand their cost of living and their desired level of spending, today and in the future. Be careful with your assumptions here and make sure that the actual results are compared to the forecast fairly frequently. Not accounting for deviations from forecasts year after year can cause a negative surprise when you finally revisit the numbers. Just about any assumption made in the planning process such as rate of return and inflation also needs to be reconsidered as conditions dictate.

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Consider a few ways to mitigate the possibility of an adverse forecast. First is to use a range of assumptions, such as 3 percent to 6 percent inflation and 2 percent to 6 percent for rate of return. Another is to keep the intervals of forecast updating short, with a restating of assumptions as needed. Intervals such as annually or every other year is OK for those a distance from retirement.

The Golden Years

In addition to the forecasting side, your clients should undertake a comprehensive risk review to answer the question of what can happen to render the forecast completely wrong. Of course, there are issues such as sickness or premature death. But one must also factor in the possibility of extended periods of market weakness, unemployment, underemployment or a catastrophic loss that creates large uninsured claims against you. As your clients get closer to their actual retirement date, help them think about the loss of benefits from work and what options or needs they have for replacing them.

This can be a tougher issue than they think if the client is too young for Medicare coverage, and may materially impact your forecasts due to the high cost of individual health plans. The loss of other benefits such as life and disability insurance should not be an issue in retirement for most clients.

Golden Years

To the extent that you have options on payouts, help your client plan so that the tax impact can be minimized. Items that can cause a large chunk of ordinary income upon retirement may be unused sick days, deferred compensation programs or bonuses. For example, if you have a high-bracket taxpayer with deferred compensation or sick days accumulated who wants to retire at the end of the year, ask them to consider January. This way they will have very little base compensation in the year of retirement and leave more room in lower tax brackets for the larger lump sums coming from the deferred compensation or sick day payment.

You can help review their options for taking Social Security. Even your wealthiest client wants to get back their pound of flesh from this lifelong contribution and optimize the benefit in terms of when to start the flow of SSI. Bowie was looking to emulate something of the glitzy nostalgia of " On Broadway ", which he was playing on piano in the studio when he came up with "Golden Years". Bowie allegedly got drunk to perform the song for the American TV show Soul Train ; Bowie was the second white artist to appear on the program after Elton John did earlier in the year. It achieved No.

As a digital download, it reached number four in the Hungarian singles chart in An updated single of "Golden Years" was released in to coincide with the re-release of Station to Station. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the David Bowie song. For the Disco Ensemble song, see Disco Ensemble. Funk [1] disco [2].

David Bowie Harry Maslin. Billboard Hot [13] 10 U.

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Billboard Hot [16] Funk disco soul. Consequence of Sound. Retrieved 1 June Retrieved 4 August The Complete David Bowie : pp. Bowie: Loving the Alien : p.

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Bowie: An Illustrated Record : pp. Retrieved 10 October Carter Burwell. Irish Singles Chart.