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The following short erotic story explores a lust between colleagues that is much sexier than just an office crush. Read on Fire Escape Text.
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Former porn star Eva Angelina becomes a firefighter

A crew of firefighters drawn from local Alaska native communities will be helicoptered in for the final mop-up duty. Just before 9 p.

Mission accomplished. Two bad things happen after the smokejumpers are pulled off Fire First, the equipment for the Alaska native crew is delayed in Fairbanks, so they never make it to the fire scene to do the mop-up. Second, winds sweep down from the north and breathe new life on the embers. The fire starts to blow up, and the afternoon after leaving the area, the smokejumpers helicopter back in.

The smokejumpers call in the Fire Bosses—crop dusting—style planes equipped to carry gallons—to bomb the flames. They zoom in low and release their loads of water, then circle back to Iniakuk Lake, glide over its turquoise surface at 80 miles per hour, scoop up another gallons, and return to drop it on the fire. Still, the flames persist. The fire is now burning so hot that it reignites right after a drenching. Fanned by the winds, it gains momentum, flowing like molten lava into green timber. Bigger scooper planes are called in, CLs, which can release 1, gallons at a time, along with a helicopter with a huge water bucket hanging from a long line.

While multiple aircraft fly successive water-bombing missions, the men on the ground race to cut a defensible fire line north through the forest—chainsawing trees, mowing down the underbrush, pounding out flames. By 10 p. Around midnight the smokejumpers withdraw to a campsite near the fire. Their faces are blackened with ash, their eyes raw, their bodies battered. Each man wearily cooks his dinner over the campfire. They eat military MREs as well as cans of chili or string beans, tins of sardines, and loads of energy bars.

The men swat mosquitoes and squint into the fire. Their clothes are caked with salt from sweat, but someone is always willing to tell a story. Like the time David Bloemker dislocated his shoulder. The season had ended in Alaska, and he was down in Montana parachuting on a fire in Kootenai National Forest. My toe caught on a tussock of bear grass. Smashed my shoulder and blew out my labrum. Had to hike to where a helicopter could land, maybe a couple of miles.

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The men nod silently; most have already heard this tale. The real-world lessons of fighting unpredictable fires in remote wilderness are too numerous to fit into a couple years of training. Freakish wind changes, embers of old fires that survive winter only to ignite in spring, parachute malfunctions, backup-parachute malfunctions, chainsaw mishaps, colleagues who never made it home from their last deployment—these and hundreds more are gleaned over long careers and passed on by exhausted firefighters around campfires such as this one.

Bloemker stands up, dumps the remains of his tin cup into the fire and adjusts the. The revolver prompts another story. When we got off the fire and back to camp, we could tell a bear had messed with our gear.

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The next day the bear came back and tore into one of our tents. We started up a chainsaw and scared it away. He started getting aggressive, stalking some of the guys through the trees. He made a false charge. Then he made a second false charge. On the third aggressive move I braced myself in the notch of a tree and shot him between the eyes. But by this time some of the grimy men are fast asleep.

The smokejumpers are back on Fire at 7 a.

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The fire has exploded to acres. The flames are now throwing embers hundreds of feet into the air and across the river. It is quickly decided that the far side of the river is indefensible, so the men start cutting a line south to tie up the left flank. They toil for hours, breathing smoke, spitting ash, sweating through their filthy clothes. The smokejumpers must remain hypervigilant to such changes, McPhetridge says.

You can get killed. The spot fire rapidly spreads in all directions through dry caribou moss. Most of the men shift southward in an attempt to circle the spot. Two men with chainsaws are cutting everything in sight along the edge of the flames.

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Some of the crew are dragging the unburned trunks into the green areas to deprive the fire of additional fuel. Others are pounding the flames along the black with beaters. The Fire Bosses roar overhead every four minutes, dropping water. The men step back but are still drenched. After hours of frantic work, the northern and western edges of the new spot fire are almost under control, but the flames are now howling southward, borne by a northern wind. Their only option is to pull out before it cuts off their escape route. The next day the fire will grow to 1, acres and the smokejumpers are forced to retrench, moving from offense to defense.

One of the veteran jumpers laments his crew being pulled off the fire before it was completely extinguished. A wing-mounted camera catches firefighters jumping from a height of about 3, feet to battle Fire in September A stiff wind could mean a hard landing at 20 miles an hour or more. Their only goal now is to protect the few cabins and a lodge on Iniakuk Lake. Using Zodiac watercraft, they shuttle fire hoses, water pumps, and sprinklers to each structure on the lake. The pumps are set in the lake and the sprinklers set to protect the roofs of the cabins.

Tarzoon Shame of the Jungle 1975

Melissa Miles, the lead attorney representing the city, said Tuesday that many complaints have been made about the business that has occupied the property for over a decade, but a solution might be on the horizon. Miles thinks the city might be able to reach an agreement with East Bay. John Coil, the owner of East Bay, Inc. According to the suit, a fire prevention officer with Dallas Fire-Rescue received a complaint in August that the business was operating without a certificate of occupancy.

Wilson first visited the location in August to perform a safety inspection, according to an affidavit included in the lawsuit filing. The business, he said, was clearly much larger than the 3, square feet it was licensed for, and fire code violations were widespread throughout the two-story building. Exit signs were unlit.